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Women Entrepreneurs:

Is the overwhelm of marketing your business smothering you?  Are thoughts of writing a business plan constantly towering over you?

It does not have to be this way!

Start by taking a deep breath. Now imagine knowing exactly what you need to do each day to get more clients, and making more money while working fewer and fewer hours every week.  You can get back that passion you used to have for your business and your clients, I promise.

You can be happy in your business.

Take advantage of all the free information I offer and get practical small business advice that will increase your income.

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 - Judy Rosen C.C.N., Nutritionist, California
"I must tell you that the  content of your newsletter is amazing. The quality and depth of information is great. Anyone in business for themselves would get lots of  great ideas and inspiration from you. You must be a very effective coach."
 - Beth Blair, CPA, California (818) 599-3931
“Thanks for your newsletter.  I sought out a bankruptcy trustee this week and have been feeling very unsteady, decided to read your newsletter and thanks for your advice.”
 - M.M., Canada
“What a fine topic you have chosen this time.  I am presently off work and recuperating from an injury. You have given me the courage and a reminder to count the blessings and not the shortcomings. Thank You very much. March's newsletter means a lot to me.”
 - S.D., India
“I’ve been getting your newsletter, so please keep me on your list. There’s always something in all the information I get, large or small, that makes me think about what I should do next.”
 - Colleen King, Colleen King Insurance Agency, California

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Are you pretty self-motivated, but need a system?  Use “The 5 Keys to Banishing Marketing Overwhelm in Your Business for LIFE!  (for women entrepreneurs)” to guide you. The lessons and exercises included give you the education you need to create your own marketing plan, potentially saving you $5,000 – or more!!  You will receive a high quality audio and a workbook you can type right into.  If you can follow 5 simple steps, then I guarantee you can finally unlock the ‘Flood Gates’ of your marketing efforts and enjoy the steady stream of new clients and profits you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t hire a marketing consultant until you know the basics. Otherwise, how will you know if they are doing the right things for your business?

As a special bonus, I am including (for free!) my special report, “Show Me (where) the Money (is)!”, an easy-to-use, educational report that will show you how to easily analyze what is working best in your marketing so you will stop wasting time on what isn’t working, and maximize what IS working! This report is worth $210 and is yours free with your purchase of the “5 Keys…” program!

Click here to read about the “5 Keys…”, and yet another extremely valuable bonus worth an additional $140 with purchase - and my 100% money-back guarantee

If you have gone as far as you can on your own and need guidance, then Small Business Coaching is the next step.  Hire someone you can trust to kick you in the butt (in a very caring way!) to keep you constantly moving forward.  Read more about business coaching on my Coaching Entrepreneurs page. If you’re interested in taking advantage of my offer for a free coaching session, complete the very short questionnaire on the Free Consultation page and I’ll get right back to you.

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Audrey Burton, Small Business Coach, mentor & consultant on the radio

"The Ultimate Guide to Creating or Updating Your Small Business Website" is now for sale!  You do not want to have a stinky website, so what do you do?  You need to load up your site with stellar content that really captures the attention of your target market and doesn't let go.  You will likely save at least $3,000 - $5,000 if you use this product before you hire a website designer!  Check it out here: http://www.HowtoMakeaWebsiteGuide.com

Audrey Burton, Small Business Coach, feature article

Read this month's article,

Audrey Burton, Small Business Coach, care movie

Check out my movie! http://thecaremovie.com/
I realize I'm a coach, but what I really want to do is direct. Doesn't everyone in L.A.? Honestly, it's an incredible motivational movie. I received hundreds of positive email responses in the first 3 days after launch! I'd love to hear what you think of it
. If you like it, please forward it to your sisters and girlfriends!

Audrey Burton, Small Business Coach, mentor & consultant on the radio

I was recently interviewed in a teleclass format by Pete Winiarski. Pete is a true entrepreneur with several businesses and is brilliant. One of his internet businesses is www.i-saga.net, where  he supports small business owners. One way is weekly interviews of experts  who share their success stories and their tips for success. Our interview from September 5th, 2008 is being broadcast now at http://www.i-saga-guest-interviews.com.  Check it out!  You will not only learn from  the interview, but will learn a bit about me in a fun recording!

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