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Article #2, September  20, 2002

What is Life and Business Coaching?

Since personal coaching is still a fairly new profession, I am asked this question quite a bit. I work with individuals and groups to achieve their best life!  Sometimes my clients aren’t sure of what they want,or what is preventing them from getting it, and we discover that together, then work to get it.

Some examples: I helped one client negotiate a great international assignment. This client appreciated the accountability to a coach, and that helped her to  clear away clutter, recognize her gifts and gain self-confidence.

Another client wanted support in maximizing her enjoyment of her job. By using me as her coach, she had the confidence to reduce her hours while starting a  very small business on the side. In trying to be a nice manager, she discovered  she needed to follow protocol at work with an employee that was not getting  the job done, and we worked through how everyone else will better off when she  handled this situation. She benefits from my availability to work through issues with complete confidentiality and from my experience.

One other client was under the misperception that she was a doormat, and behaved as though this were true. By asking the right questions and reviewing her recent  behavior, she found this was not true and felt generally happier with herself and her surroundings! In addition she wants to start a business in the arts and we’re working toward that goal.

Unconditional support and accountability are cornerstones of my mode of operation. I typically start with the Clean Sweep as a sort of baseline. This assessment  gives both me and the client a snapshot of where they are today. The client selects the area on which to begin working, and I try to infuse improving self-care  wherever possible.

When meeting with a small business owner, I like to focus on two primary areas and two secondary areas. Primarily, profit and balance are business-owner issues for almost all entrepreneurs. Secondarily, we focus on a few important goals and communication. I use my diverse business experience and business degree in working with business people on business issues.

Why would someone hire a coach when they can just talk with a friend or relative?  A coach doesn’t have a preset agenda for her clients. I want for my clients  to have what they want; I don’t judge if I think it’s good for them,  or if they’ll make enough money or whatever. I support my clients in being  happy – whatever that means to them.

Every person has their own gifts and strengths, and part of my job is helping  my clients recognize theirs. Nobody ever became a great success by focusing on their weaknesses, yet that is what we’re trained to do by our society.  My gifts include perception and listening, which are also my tools in coaching.  I hear it and I get it. Even if the client didn’t intend to communicate it, I still get it.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please visit www.coachu.com as I am affiliated with them.


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